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Qatar University Scholarships – Fully Funded 2021

Qatar University Scholarships

Qatar University Scholarships
Application Deadline: March 01, 2021
 UndergraduateMaster’s, Ph.D.Courses
Eligible: All Nations

About Qatar University Scholarships

Qatar University supports a wide variety of scholarship recipients each academic year in order to attract highly qualified students. The academic scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and scholarly achievement.  

Qatar University offers types of scholarships annually to attract qualified students, provided that they meet the requirements of each scholarship and submit the required documents.


Apply For: AKF – Scholarships For International Students

Admission Requirements

Applicants who have earned a Bachelor or graduate degree from an accredited institution of higher education or recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of the applicant’s home country and that of the State of Qatar are eligible for admission to a graduate degree program at Qatar University. Students applying to a graduate degree program at Qatar University must meet all admission requirements and deadlines. In order to be considered for graduate admission at Qatar University, applicants must satisfy each of the following requirements according to their intended program type.

Admission Requirements

For PhD Degree Applicants
For Master’s Degree Applicants
For Professional Master’s Degree and PharmD Degree Applicants
For Diploma Degree Applicants

Application Categories

Applicants are offered admission to Qatar University in one of the following categories:

General Admission
Transfer Students
Non-Degree Students
Visiting Students

It is important to note that the minimum university GPA requirements do not guarantee admission to QU. Students are ultimately accepted to a graduate program according to the strength of the applicant pool and the available capacity in each graduate program. The following points must also be taken into account when applying for admission at Qatar University:

Apply For: Islamic Development Bank Scholarship 2021-2022

In addition to satisfying the admission requirements above, applicants need to submit the following documents:

Application Timeline

Fall 2021 Semester

Admission Timeline for all graduate programs

29 November 2020Open graduate online admissions application for all applicants.
01 March 2021Close graduate online admission application for all applicants
29 April 2021Deadline for accepted and Visiting and Non-Degree applicants to submit all required documents including official transcripts and test scores to Admission Department
09 May 2021Admissions Department announces admission decisions for all graduates,
15 August 2021Classes begin, Start of application for Defer Request 
19 August 2021Last day of add/drop period for all students
19 August 2021Last day of defer admission.

Admission into the incoming class is extremely competitive and applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their admissions application and all required documents according to the above timeline. Qatar University will not accept applications after these deadlines.

Admission Decision

Admission decisions for all Doctoral, Master and Diploma applicants are published to your online Admissions Application Status account. Admitted students may collect their admission letter directly from the academic program that they were admitted to.

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